I have a lacking of social graces. Well, I'm a nerdy, fat pansexual who majors in psychology/women's studies, loves to sing, write, photography, science, shows, movies, video games. My fandoms: HIMYM, doctor who; everything. My passions: feminism, equality, body positivity!Music: Marianas Trench, Mayday Parade, Sleeping With Sirens, Go Radio, Panic! At the Disco, Florence and The Machine, I listen to so much. So much variety. Marianas Trench is my favorite of all. Inspirations, I tell ya. I DO POST A LOT OF SELFIES - I DO THIS BECAUSE SELFIES ARE GOOD FOR THE SELF - THE POINT: I AM NOT YOUR PORN. I POST THESE PICTURES IN CONFIDENCE FOR MY SELF AND MY BODY IMAGE, NOT FOR FETISH. SO PLEASE, just be respectful. I appreciate all the lovely compliments, the lovely likes, the lovely reblogs, I sincerely do. Thanks babes.


New clothes ^.^